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Green Peafowl – Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures

The tropical forests of Southeast Asia are where green peafowls are the largest in number, as they are native to the location. This specific breed of peacocks is so rare that they are listed as an endangered species under the IUCN Red List. Green peafowls are presumed to be dropping in number due to loss of habitat.


The green peafowl comes from the pheasant family, which is widespread in the forests of Southeast Asia.

To this day, they can be found in these tropical areas. However, after the loss of habitat, they are generally found in parts of Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and throughout the Indian Subcontinent.



As green peafowl originated from tropical lands, they are larger in number in tropical and subtropical forests. But they can be found in a wide range of habitats, including grasslands, scrublands, farmland, savannas (grassy woodland), and even amongst bamboo in forests of eastern Asia.

Physical Features

Between male and female green peafowl, physical appearance differs slightly and might often be identical to one another. They both have an upper tail, which is shorter for females compared to that of males. Both are heavy-winged, shaft-crested, long-legged, and long-tailed.

Green Peafowl, in general, are dark-colored with black eyes surrounded by white or light blue detail. Their necks and heads are coated in delicate feathers of shimmery and vibrant green. The female green peafowl has a copper-colored fringe on them.


Behavioral Features

Similar to most forest birds, the green peafowl enjoys spending most of their time on the ground exploring through fields of tall grass. During the day, they are generally found in groups, grooming themselves, drinking, and resting. But, they are usually quiet and unfriendly.

Other Facts

  • Green Peafowls can lay up to half a dozen eggs
  • Since they weigh a lot, their time of flight is limited
  • Can live up to 25 years, so they have a moderately long lifespan
  • They like to feed on a variety of seeds, bugs, plants, and shoots. Sometimes, they even eat small animals such as reptiles and amphibians
  • The average male green peafowl is up to 10 feet long

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