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Hilarious Pictures of Owl Legs for You to Enjoy

Owls are interesting creatures with hilariously long legs; once you realize how much of their legs are hidden under their feathers, you’ll probably never get bored staring at owl legs!

If you were on the hunt for funny owl images, here are lots of hilarious pictures of owl legs for you to enjoy.


Owl Leg Pictures You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you see what I meant by long legs? This owl here has an almost human-like expression of annoyance, as his/her definitely not happy to show his/her skinny legs! Speaking of which, owls actually have slim bodies despite their fluffy appearance.

Here’s a skeletal representation of the body of an owl, next to a naked owl without any feathers and a fully-grown owl. As you can see, their legs make up almost 70% of their total height! You may ask, why do owls need such long legs? Continue reading to find out!

Owls are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom. When it comes to hunting, they’re no less than a ninja trying to hit their target as silently as possible! Even barn owls can capture fat rodents and similar animals with ease, and that is possible because of their ‘extra-long’ legs. 

Although owls are one of the cutest birds around, they can still look quite aggressive and fearsome. For example, this owl here may be giving a death stare to the photographer for invading his/her privacy!

Have you ever wondered how an owl walks with their long legs? Look at the big human-like strides he/she takes with every step! Who would’ve guessed that owls carry such monster-sized legs under their feathers while flying?

Speaking of flying, it does look like a lot of hard work for this owl to hold its own legs up! However, not all owls are slow flyers like barn owls; some breeds, such as the Great Horned Owls, can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour!

Here’s a snap of a Great Horned Owl; they are the quintessential owls of storybooks, with long ear-like tufts and intimidating stares. They also have a relatively deeper hooting voice than most other owls.

Barn owls are the most common type of wild owls, and here’s one standing with his/her prey in its beak! They usually hunt small ground animals such as small mammals and insects, which they usually locate with their super sharp hearing ability.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, owls can give off intimidating stares that can even scare off adults. I mean, just look at the attitude of this owl; s/he could literally stare straight into your soul. But those are some very cute legs, though!

Here’s a bunch of baby owls. The one at the front looks like s/he’s got serious anger issues, while his/her siblings look equally angry but unconcerned with the presence of the photographer. I wonder if they were hooting ‘get out of here’ in owl language! 

Here’s another picture of an owl walking. This is a Burrowing owl, which usually has a small stature but long legs for powerful strides. This little bird here looks very focused on its mission with a stern look in his/her eyes; I wouldn’t mess with him/her!

What does it look like the baby owls are saying? “What do you want here?” “You don’t have any business here; leave!” The puffy feathers make it look like they’re wearing a skirt. I wonder how they would look with some stiletto heels!

But not all owls look intimidating. For example, this owl here looks like a very friendly little bird. His/her cute eyes may have a stern look, but I would probably melt if s/he looked at me and blinked!

But then again, some owls have a natural ‘do not mess with me’ appearance! Burrowing owls can be seen sprinting in their territory during daylight. Can they give the gold-medalist Usain Bolt a run for his career? Only one way to find out!

Ever wondered what an owl would look like walking down a fashion show ramp? Look at this bird flaunting a perfect pose with her/his extended wing. S/he almost looks like a professional model to me!

“Excuse me, sir. Can you not invade my privacy?” said the owl, who was having a moment. Relaxing in the sun with your legs stretched out sounds like a great idea, and this owl here seems to be loving it!

Look at this super cute owl sitting with its legs crisscrossed. Thanks to his/her cute appearance and beautiful eyes, s/he almost looks like a fat cat that resembles an owl!

Did you know that owls swallow their prey whole, then burp out the indigestible bits such as bones? They’re quite brutal to their own kind as well; owls are known to eat other owls!

Here’s a weeks-old baby barn owl making a run for it! 

Jokes apart, owls generally feed their stronger babies first and leave the weak ones in negligence. How can such cute creatures be so cruel? We’ll never know.

Do you need a guard to look over your fortress? This owl may be the perfect candidate! Thanks to its long legs, it has a quite tall stature; s/he’s probably looking for his/her next kill or conspiring against a fellow owl.

There are tons of interesting and weird features of owls. For one, they can twist their head around a 360-degrees! Pairing it with their acute sense of hearing, it is quite understandable why owls are so good at hunting.

I can literally hear this owl challenging me to a one-on-one fight. S/he was probably telling the photographer to make a run for it if he wanted to leave the owl’s territory alive! Jokes apart, his/her legs do look hilariously long.

This owl here may be late for a meeting, and s/he looks determined to reach his/her destination no matter what obstructions appear. The intimidating yellow eyes can cause fear to even the bravest animals in their territory!

Owls are often referred to as magical creatures in fairy tales and storybooks. Is this owl here flying, walking, or floating in mid-air? Guess we’ll never know! (S/he was prancing around.)

Imagine being looked down upon by this large owl; although it has a pretty fearsome appearance due to its intimidating yellow eyes, the long legs are still funny to look at! 

Here’s a determined ball of fluff, running on two sticks to win a marathon! Jokes apart, some owls have a furry body while some are very slim and small. For this owl, it’s actually hard to determine if you should be scared or amused by its hilariously long legs.

This owl here looks extremely surprised about something; maybe s/he saw an owl with short legs? Speaking of which, they have unparalleled night vision, but it is often said that their visibility is affected in bright lighting conditions.

This owl looks like s/he has some serious tricks up its sleeves for the dance floor! Their claws are very sharp, which helps them in gripping their prey tightly whenever they’re hunting for food.

Ever wondered what a smiling owl would look like? Well, here’s a picture of a huge smiling owl! Due to its furry body, the owl’s claws are barely visible, let alone his/her legs. This birdie here is one of the 200+ species of owls!

In this picture, you can see a pair of nesting barn owls. Owls are very caring birds, and they’ll do anything it takes to protect their partners and eggs! In fact, the photographer of this image needed months just to earn their trust, so he could get up close to take pictures of them.

Lately, it seems like owls have been taking sports very seriously. Don’t believe me? Look at this owl here, stretching his/her legs to warm up before s/he starts working out! Jokes apart, this owl was just having a moment under the sun.

Are you having a bad day? This picture of a drenched baby owl is sure to brighten your mood! Speaking of which, his/her intimidating eyes look like s/he’s probably very, very angry at his/her rescuer. 

Here’s another hilarious picture of a drenched owl. This bird here has spread its wings slightly and is standing straight facing the sun in order to dry himself/herself. Doesn’t s/he look like a very wise owl? 

I’m actually confused if this owl looks scary or cute; I mean, look at his/her round, shiny, and huge eyes! It gives off a sweet as well as murderous vibe at the same time! Also, do you notice how sharp his/her claws are?

Do you recall that I mentioned owls to be ‘weird’ and ‘interesting’ creatures? Weird because… just look at him/her! If I were to encounter this bird in a forest, in the dark, I’d definitely be running for my life!

Common Types of Owls and Even More Hilarious Pictures

Statistically, there are more than 225 species of owls across the globe. They are spread around the world depending on various factors such as the ecosystem, weather, and the time of the year. While some species of owls are migratory, others tend to stick around their territory.


Here are 6 of the most commonly seen owls in the world –


  1. Snowy Owl

Also referred to as the polar owl, the Arctic owl, and the white owl, the snowy species is native to the Arctic areas of the Palearctic and North America. One of the largest owls in the world, all other birds are wary of its huge size. 

If this owl seems familiar, it’s most probably because you’ve seen ‘Hedwig’ from the Harry Potter movies!


2. Barn Owl

The most commonly seen species of owl in the world, barn owls, can be found in nearly all regions across the globe except for desert and polar regions. The special thing about barn owls is their hunting skills; they have unbeatable low-light vision and impeccable hearing ability. 

Here’s a cute picture of 3 fairly young barn owls; do you see the different facial expressions they’ve got?

3. Great Horned Owl

This species of owl is also called the tiger owl and the hoot owl. These owls are extremely adaptable birds, and they can survive in almost all climates. They get very aggressive in hunting and often inflict harm upon themselves by attacking animals like porcupines and snakes. Talk about fearlessness!

The most distinctive feature of the great horned owls is their ‘horns,’ which are actually ear-tufts. Generally, these owls are represented most in storybooks and other pictorial representations. 

4. Burrowing Owl

Another popular species of owl is the burrowing owl. They’re relatively smaller but have long legs to make up for it. Burrowing owls can be commonly found in open landscapes throughout the world, such as grasslands, agricultural areas, or any open and dry region.

Burrowing owls are popular with humans as they’re a ground-dwelling species. They’re not scary like the larger owls on this list; I mean, just look at this cute picture!

5. Barred Owl

Visually similar to the burrowing owl species, barred owls are fairly big with a large round-shaped head without ear tufts. Barred owls produce a rather distinctive hooting sound that is higher pitched than most other owls. Known as opportunistic hunters, a barred owl’s diet consists of various kinds of animals.

Compared to most other owls, the barred owls have deep black eyes that look very adorable! Although it may look scary at night, it’s still not as intimidating as a burrowing owl.


6. Little Owl

As you may have guessed from its name, this specie of owls is relatively smaller and can grow up to about 20 centimeters. They’re not as popular across the world as other owls on this list, but they’re still quite common in European and Central Asian regions. 

Little owls are associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, as well as Minerva, the Roman goddess of arts.

In western traditions, little owls are viewed as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. Speaking of which, these fluffballs do like very wise and intelligent birds!

Final Words

Hope all these owl pictures were entertaining enough for you. I’m pretty sure if you dig further, you’ll come across lots of hilarious pictures of owl legs for you to enjoy even more. 

If you want to pet an owl, be sure to check if your local authority doesn’t have any issue with that. Otherwise, you’ll have to face a lot of hassle.

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